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A Sad Commentary………The Case of the $2,056.25 Eagle (addendum: and The Subsequent Eagle that Came Home to Roost)

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Most period inlaid American furniture was enhanced with said inlay at the time of its’ manufacture.  Ideally, the embellishments themselves were important components, integral to the design and final fabrication of the piece.  In the late 18th and early 19th Centuries, however, inlayists, or “ebonist(e)s”, would sometimes actually make house calls to add inlay to [..Read more]

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The Elephant Across the Hall

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Perhaps it is not so much that there’s a bee in my bonnet, as that I am concerned an entire “school of” has been created, and in some cases taken as gospel, not only based on less than convincing conclusions, but more importantly, very probably at the expense of the true artisan(s) behind the work. [..Read more]

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