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Early American Furnishings

Pair of Maryland Chippendale Side Chairs, c.1785


a pair of late Chippendale mahogany side chairs; a combination of the accentuated trapezoidal shape of the back, the wide “English” style over-upholstered serpentine seat, poplar and oak secondary woods, a lack of through-tenons, “pointed” ears, and straight molded legs with chamfering on the inside corners, all lead to a Maryland attribution; similarly, the over-upholstered seat would seem out of place on an otherwise austere, modestly carved Philadelphia chair, while this profuse use of material would be in keeping with the high style Maryland form these represent; both are labeled on the inside of their back rail:” J & M Justice, 1800″; repair to one rear leg and one side rail replaced with appropriate oak secondary; the rear rails are mahogany-veneered tulip poplar; a closely related pair of similarly over-upholstered chairs, but without carving of the splat volutes, can be seen in The Sewell C. Biggs Collection, Vol. I, Item 14; dimensions: 38” tall @ crest rail x 22” wide @ front rail